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The Credit Analysis Process: Back to Basics
Gary Deutsch

Learn the essential components of the credit analysis process to benefit both new and seasoned analysts.

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The Credit Analysis Process

Credit analysis is the process of identifying and evaluating a borrower’s ability to repay a specific extension of credit while following prudent lending practices that comply with safety and soundness standards. Unfortunately, bankers’ actions do not always reflect this understanding. In practice, credit reviews and loan committee presentations can all look the same. Some would have a hard time distinguishing the analysis for one credit request from the work performed for every other request. Although credit analysis is considered important and often serves as a training ground for future lenders, in many institutions the credit analysis process consists of performing quasi-clerical tasks such as spreading financial statements and preparing “fill in the blank” or “standard format” written loan presentations. Although these tasks are well suited for new analysts and trainees, they hardly describe credit analysis as it should be defined and performed. If this sounds like your institution, it may be time to revisit the basics of the credit analysis process.

No matter what techniques are employed in the credit analysis process, it’s important to always approach the effort rigorously. Thorough credit analysis and proper loan structuring can keep loans from becoming problems. Proper credit analysis never loses sight of four basic but important concepts:

1. Every industry presents unique issues for the lender

2. The key issues that must be addressed will be different for each borrower

3. The amount and structure of the proposed loans must be matched to the borrower’s situation

4. Good credit analysis requires detective work

During this important webinar, Gary Deutsch will discuss the essential components of the credit analysis process to benefit both new and seasoned analysts.


The discussion of the credit analysis process will cover the following topics:

  • The keys to superior credit analysis
  • The five "C"s of credit
  • Knowing the borrower
  • Types of borrowing entities
  • The analyst’s tool kit
  • Other information sources supplied by applicants
  • Information supplied by third parties
  • Background and comparative information
Price: $299.00



Gary Deutsch


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