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Regulation E Disputes and Error Resolution – With a Compliance Checklist You Can Use
Coppelia Padgett

A comprehensive, detailed overview of Regulation E dispute handling and error resolution

Price: $299.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online and over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Regulation E Disputes

Regulation E governs the rules for electronic funds transfers (EFTs) for issuers and sellers of electronic debit cards. In particular, the rule created an error resolution process on how the industry must deal with unauthorized card usage and consumer liability. The regulators have increased their scrutiny of how financial institutions handle disputes and errors. Criticisms, violations of law and even some Reg E “lookbacks” have resulted. This combined with the increased number of cards and the number of data breaches has forced institutions to upgrade their compliance programs, but confusion and practical problems persist.

In this webinar, Coppelia Padgett, former federal regulator, will breakdown the requirements of the regulation and some of the specific problems that institutions like yours have been struggling to control. The webinar will provide attendees with an overview of the compliance “hotspots” including chargeback rights, denying disputes and the right to refuse to reissue a debit card. Coppelia will focus on implementation dangers and problems that she sees in the field. Plus, you’ll receive a compliance checklist you can use!

Please join Coppelia Padgett as she provides a comprehensive, detailed overview of Regulation E dispute handling and error resolution.


The focus of this webinar is the key requirements and operational challenges of Regulation E. The emphasis is on practical advice so institutions can understand the following:

  • Specific Timing Requirements for Investigation and Resolution of Unauthorized Transactions
  • Consumer & Bank Liability and Responsibility
  • Notification Requirements & Guidance on Communicating with the Consumer
  • Common Problem Scenarios with Provisional Credit
  • How the Credit Card Rules Work with Regulation E
  • Complying with Both Regulation E and the NACHA Operating Rules in ACH and Debit Card Disputes
  • Documentation Needed in an Investigation
  • Denying a Claim and Even “Right to Refuse”
  • Confirming Internal Best Practices and Monitoring Vendors
  • A Compliance Checklist You Can Use
Price: $299.00



Coppelia Padgett


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