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Master a New Approach to Fraud Risk Management
Daniel Clark

Take a holistic look at fraud risk management for financial institutions

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This is a virtual event, accessible online and over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Master a New Approach to Fraud Risk Management

Discover the secrets of holistic fraud risk management.

Master a new approach to protect your institution.

Fraud attempts across the financial services industry have increased significantly in the past three years. Internal culprits and external criminals are taking advantage of institutions’ decentralized risk management programs.

It is never too early to focus on fraud risk in banking. Internal fraud attempts have increased significantly in the past three years. External fraud, including but not limited to identity theft are also on the rise. Regardless of how quickly the organization responds it never seems to be fast enough. The time is ripe to take a holistic look at fraud risk management because most financial institutions don’t look at fraud that way. Instead, fraud management and fraud controls areas are scattered throughout different departments, beneath different managers and seldom ever come together. Time to change that approach and assure stakeholders and shareholders that everything possible is being done to address this risk.

You must implement a holistic fraud management solution throughout your institution. By unifying practices, you can strengthen oversight and reduce risk.


  • What are the critical components of fraud management?
  • How can you implement a holistic solution?
  • What governance practices and control activities are most important?
  • How can you conduct effective fraud monitoring, auditing, and investigations?
  • What are the best practices for addressing fraud across your institution?
Price: $299.00



Daniel Clark


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