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Top Audit Findings in Payment Systems
Ameerah Needham

Learn the top audit findings for payment systems in 2019

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This is a virtual event, accessible online and over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Top Audit Findings in Payment Systems

Audit is the one word in payments that can invoke fear in even the bravest employee. Do you want to know what the most common audit findings are and how to avoid them? We have the top audit findings of 2019 provided by ePayAdvisors from their experience in the field performing ACH, Merchant RDC, and Wire audits.

Please join Ameerah Needham, Director Payments Education and Advisory Services, at ePayResources, as she guides you through this informative session on audit findings from multiple payment channels.


  • The framework of most ACH, Merchant RDC, and Wire audits
  • How to avoid the most common findings
  • Tips on how to prepare for your upcoming audit
  • Tips on how to respond to your audit findings
Price: $299.00



Ameerah Needham


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