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Website Disclosures: Minimizing Risk in an Online Market
Daniel Cotter

Learn the importance of an effective web disclosures program and understand the ways organizations can comply with the myriad requirements.

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This is a virtual event, accessible online and over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Website Disclosures

In the Internet of Everything World, most financial institutions have web presence to market their organizations and to connect with the billions of potential customers who are using the internet globally. At the same time, many financial institutions have not reviewed or updated their website disclosures from when they first began to have an internet presence. Making sure the language meets the requirements to avoid myriad legal issues is crucial. Financial institutions must understand how to draft appropriate website disclosures that cover various essential elements, such as privacy rights and GDPR, and make sure that the disclosures match how the financial institution is handling personally identifiable information and security of consumer information. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has increasingly penalized online participants for failing to match practices with disclosures and consents.

Please join Daniel A. Cotter as he provides an overview and the elements of an effective website disclosure, including walking through a sample website disclosure. The session will provide an understanding of the importance of an effective web disclosures program and understanding the ways in which lawyers can help their organizations comply with the myriad requirements.


  • What lawyers should know about privacy rights and website disclosures
  • Basic elements of an effective website disclosure
  • What laws potentially apply
    • Including the California and Colorado recently enacted privacy laws
  • How to effectively draft the disclosures
  • Reviewing disclosures periodically for latest developments
  • What a sample website disclosure looks like
Price: $299.00



Daniel Cotter


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