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Record Management Program for Financial Institutions
Coppelia Padgett

A roadmap through the regulatory and practical maze of record retention for financial institutions

Price: $299.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online and over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Record Management

Retaining records is a vital part of Safe and Sound business practices for your financial institution. State and Federal laws and regulations require specific customer records to be maintained and accessible if needed. The mountains of records and data with retention laws and regulations associated with them can be overwhelming. However, an effective Record Management Program can help. Develop a framework of policies and schedules tailored to your institution’s needs and responsibilities so you can handle and use your information wisely. Develop policies and training to get your institution to adopt and embrace records management as well as guard and protect critical data and documents.

It is a complex area, but we can help you move from Records Storage to actual Information Governance. Join our expert, Coppelia Padgett, as she provides a roadmap through this regulatory and practical maze to help you understand and organize your record retention program so that it minimizes your risks, complies with legal and regulatory requirements and is workable, consistent and understandable.


  • How to conduct an overall assessment of your record retention needs.
  • How to recognize what records you should and should not be keeping.
  • How to set up record retention policies & procedures and make sure you comply with them.
  • How to schedule record retention by type, use and federal regulation.
  • Training: Getting Others to Use and Embrace Record Retention
  • The Use of Automation and Third-Parties for Record Retention and Management
  • How to set up appropriate safeguards and risk management for your Data
  • Steps to Help Improve Your Database Structure to Improve the Ease of Access
  • Review Case Studies on Common Bank Data Problems & Solutions
  • Bonus Topic: Disaster Preparation Lessons Learned from Recent Events
Price: $299.00



Coppelia Padgett


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