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Electronic Banking Officer Certification Program
Anne Cheatham - Karen Freeman - Scott Gupton

Our Electronic Banking Officer Certification Program combines a broad overview of electronic banking technologies and opportunities with a detailed, in-depth explanation of the strategies, policies and procedures required to implement and oversee electronic banking programs, ensure their profitability, manage their risks, and use them effectively to attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Price: $1,895.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.

Electronic banking is hot! “Hot,” as in exciting, edgy and increasingly in demand by businesses and consumers. And “hot” as in risky and possibly hazardous to your institution and its customers.

Financial institutions have to offer a full range of electronic banking products and services today to serve their customers and to match their competitors. But they also have to manage the significant array of risks electronic banking entails – reputation, competition, security, fraud, audit and compliance among them.

This is why more institutions are appointing electronic banking officers dedicated to overseeing this fast-growing, mission-critical area, and why it is essential to ensure that these key employees have the training they need to handle their new and expanded responsibilities.


The training sessions are clear, concise and comprehensive, with a complete set of quick reference guides and checklists accompanying each session:

  • Session One: “Electronic Banking Solutions” – Provides an overview of services for consumers and businesses, including:
    • Internet banking
    • Online cash management
    • Bill pay
    • Corporate bill pay
    • P2P
    • ACH organization
    • Mobile banking
    • Remote deposit
    • Consumer capture
    • Accounting integration
  • Session Two: “How to Develop an Electronic Banking Program" – Introduces a step-by-step guide, covering, among other issues:
    • Staffing
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Documentation
  • Session Three: “Customer Suitability” – Outlines strategies for attracting and qualifying customers, focusing on:
    • Targeting consumers and businesses
    • Qualifying new customers
    • Underwriting considerations
    • Documentation
  • Session Four: “Sales and Service” – Provides a blueprint for developing and managing the e-banking support team:
    • Defining responsibilities
    • Sales and marketing strategies
    • Building servicing capacity
    • Developing a “service” mentality
    • On-line assistance
  • Session Five: “Summary and Review” – Recaps the training material to re-enforce key subject areas:
    • Products
    • Policies
    • Sales
    • Service
Price: $1,895.00



Anne Cheatham
Karen Freeman
J. Scott Gupton


  • Access your training anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Engaging and up-to-date training to support your career and your organization.
  • Handouts you can distribute to your board and staff.