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BSA/AML & Digital Currencies: The New Challenges
Ken Agle

Whether you are new to banking and BSA/AML or a seasoned veteran, this webinar will provide a strong combination of understanding risk factors associated with digital currencies and fiat currencies and provide your organization with a game plan for managing this emerging risk. Please join Ken Agle as he presents BSA/AML & Digital Currencies.

Price: $299.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.

The webinar focuses on the particular challenges digital currencies bring to BSA/AML compliance. This has emerged as a significant factor in money laundering despite efforts to ensure that they are restrained sufficiently to ensure ongoing capacity to meet the core requirements of Anti-money laundering and the Bank Secrecy Act.

The evolution of “money” has always been a fascinating subject. After all, as a medium of exchange money in all its past and current forms, money has been something of great interest for 7,000 years and maybe longer. BSA/AML hasn’t been around quite that period of time, but it too has been a major regulatory focus for over two generations. Over that time, the concept and application of “money” has shifted as well as the mediums for using money.


This webinar will provide insights into the potential role of digital currencies and their impact on BSA/AML and other risk areas. Key elements will include:

  • An introduction into “currency” and how that definition feeds into the principles of BSA/AML.
  • What the difference is between virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies and how that impacts compliance.
  • How cryptocurrencies have evolved, how they work and how they have failed.
  • Understanding of elements such as mining, blind signatures, digital wallets, etc.
  • How regulators have worked to manage risks from digital currencies and what may be required for the future of digital currencies for them to gain traction in the “real” world.
Price: $299.00



Kenneth Agle


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