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IRS Tax Refund: What Tools May an RDFI Use to Handle ACH Tax Return Exceptions?
John Cogdill, AAP

Explore the world of ACH tax refund issues.

Price: $299.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
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In this comprehensive webinar, we discuss the Receiving Depository Financial Institution’s (RDFI’)s liability for ACH tax refund entries as well as methods to use to mitigate damage to account holder relationships, liability and to the balance sheet.

Of course, we examine the NACHA Rules and IRS rules for Providers of individual income tax returns. We study scenarios and possible conclusions. Learn about the opt-in program put in place by NACHA and the IRS.

Additionally, the external leads program continues to be a great tool to combat fraudulent refund activity. Find out how these tools may simplify your exception process and prevent fraud.

Please join John Cogdill, AAP, for this informative session as we dive into the world of ACH tax refund issues.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • What are RDFI’s liabilities with regard to ACH tax refund entries
  • How can the RDFI mitigate damages and control liability
  • How to handle account holder relationships when dealing with ACH tax refunds
  • Review of NACHA Rules and IRS Rules for providers of individual income tax returns
  • Review of practical examples and solutions
  • How to combat fraud and simplify your exception process
Price: $299.00



John Cogdill


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