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Enterprise Risk Management for Financial Institutions
  • Tuesday, October 22
  • Webinar
Dr. James Castagnera

Learn the why and the how of Enterprise Risk Management, and how to foster effective collaboration among key stakeholders in the risk management process

Learn How the Supreme Court Action Affects Your Website
  • Tuesday, October 29
  • Webinar
Daniel Cotter

Daniel Cotter will decipher the recent Supreme Court action and explain its impact on financial institutions. You will learn what steps to take now to avoid similar litigation.

How to Read an Insurance Policy for Financial Institutions
  • Thursday, October 31
  • Webinar
Daniel Cotter

Learn the common components of insurance policies and special considerations you should take into account to help you understand your coverage and identify risk areas before a problem arises

Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud: How to Identify the Difference
  • Tuesday, November 5
  • Webinar
Doug Keipper, CAMS

Learn how to identify tax fraud and appropriately report suspicious activity.

Vendor Management: Using SOC Reports to Oversee Third-Party Information Security and Cybersecurity Risks
  • Tuesday, November 12
  • Webinar
Gary Deutsch

Learn how CPA prepared SOC 2® reports and reports on a service organization’s cybersecurity risk management program can be used to help management meet their regulatory requirements related to third-party relationships.

CECL 2020 Update: Learn All 7 Methodologies
  • Wednesday, November 13
  • Webinar
Austin Elsey

CECL methodology will begin to take effect starting in 2020 for some institutions. Banks should be preparing now to make sure they understand how the new model will affect their profitability and planning. To make the best decision for their bank, bankers should understand the different types of methodology available.

Monitoring High-Risk Transactions
  • Friday, November 15
  • Webinar
Doug Keipper

Doug Keipper, is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) since 2005 and former BSA officer and compliance officer for an $800M commercial bank in Atlanta before it sold twice in one year. He has taught anti-money laundering throughout the southeast and on-line since 2008. He has spent over 20 years in retail banking, wholesale mortgages and financial services.

Employee Background Checks for Financial Institutions
  • Thursday, November 21
  • Webinar
Jim Castagnera

Please join attorney Jim Castagnera as he guides you through the complicated issues financial institutions face in complying with the sometimes confusing and seemingly conflicting requirements surrounding background checks for employees.

Learn New Time Management Strategies for Bankers
  • Friday, November 22
  • Webinar
David Osburn

Learn how to apply behavioral science to optimize time management and use insights into the human mind to improve your productivity.

Cannabis Banking: What You Need to Know
  • Wednesday, December 11
  • Webinar
Sundie Seefried and Katrina Skinner

Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs) are now legal in many states. You need to learn regulators' expectations, oversight concerns, third party vendor management, and the differences in banking hemp and CBD compared to cannabis. Whether financial institutions wish to bank the industry or not, cannabis funds will pass through all financial institutions, and we must all have the tools necessary to fulfill BSA obligations; directly or indirectly.

Performing a Credit Analysis of CRE Loans Under Revised Lease Accounting Standards
  • On-demand
Gary Deutsch

Understand the potential impact of the new lease standard on their portfolios of commercial real estate loans as well as their approach to underwriting new loans as the new standard is implemented.

Financial Ratio Analysis Process – Back to Basics
  • On-demand
Gary Deutsch

Learn the essential components of the financial ratio analysis process

Conducting a Loan Concentration Audit
  • On-demand
Gary Deutsch

Essential guidance on how to conduct an audit of the concentration oversight process that can also be useful for those involved with the loan administration process.

The Credit Analysis Process: Back to Basics
  • On-demand
Gary Deutsch

Learn the essential components of the credit analysis process to benefit both new and seasoned analysts.

Assessing Risks Related to New, Modified or Expanded Bank Products and Services to Comply with Regulatory Requirements
  • On-demand
Gary Deutsch

Prepare for examinations of your risk management program related to new, modified or expanded bank products and services.

Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption: Being Ready Is Not by Chance
  • On-demand
Kenneth Agle

Learn the foundational elements of a Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plan and what aspects should be developed by an organization,as well as the process of conducting “table top” exercises.

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