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CECL 2020 Update: Learn All 7 Methodologies
  • Wednesday, November 13
  • Webinar
Austin Elsey

CECL methodology will begin to take effect starting in 2020 for some institutions. Banks should be preparing now to make sure they understand how the new model will affect their profitability and planning. To make the best decision for their bank, bankers should understand the different types of methodology available.

Overdraft Regulations: Complacency Is Not an Option
  • Thursday, November 14
  • Webinar
Kenneth Agle

Learn a comprehensive foundational understanding on overdrafts, the trends of complaints involving overdrafts, the current regulatory guidance and thoughts on what may lie ahead.

How to Bank the Cannabis Industry
  • Monday, November 18
  • Webinar
Kevin Hart & Lori Moore

Learn what you need to know before you begin building your program as well as how to get started. We’ll cover the foundations of an effective cannabis banking program and discuss the process of what you need to know in order to build, launch, and monitor your cannabis banking program.

Preparing a Residential Real Estate Evaluation, Step-by-Step, in a Format You Can Use
  • Tuesday, November 26
  • Webinar
Gary Deutsch

The material discussed during the webinar can assist institutions with developing evaluation standards and a quality review program to minimize risks related to making lending collateral decisions based on residential real estate transactions at or below the appraisal exemption threshold.

Flood Insurance Compliance: The Ever-Shifting Tides of Change
  • Tuesday, December 3
  • Webinar
Kenneth Agle

Please join Ken Agle as he provides a comprehensive update on the latest changes and interpretations involving flood insurance together with a foundational understanding of the flood insurance requirements and how that foundation is applied to understanding the nuances and risk aspects of the regulation.

ACH Rules Review and Preview 2020
  • Wednesday, December 4
  • Webinar
Deirdre Ashby

Learn about how you need to prepare now for the ACH rule changes coming in 2020.

Cannabis Banking: What You Need to Know
  • Wednesday, December 11
  • Webinar
Sundie Seefried and Katrina Skinner

Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs) are now legal in many states. You need to learn regulators' expectations, oversight concerns, third party vendor management, and the differences in banking hemp and CBD compared to cannabis. Whether financial institutions wish to bank the industry or not, cannabis funds will pass through all financial institutions, and we must all have the tools necessary to fulfill BSA obligations; directly or indirectly.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture: Risks, Rewards, & Deposits
  • Wednesday, December 18
  • Webinar
Kelly Caspersen

Please join Kelly Caspersen for this informative session to learn more on the risks and rewards of Mobile Remote Deposit Capture.

Complaint Management: Regulatory Oversight and More
  • Thursday, December 19
  • Webinar
Kenneth Agle

Join Ken Agle as he presents the elements of a strong complaint management program including a sample complaint management risk assessment, a complaint management program/policy and a sample tracking form that should be adaptable to cloud-based systems. Attendees will be able to use these documents or compare these documents against their existing systems/policy/forms and establish or solidify their complaint management process. For complaint management, the need is now and we believe that this webinar will keep you ahead of the pack.

Master the Basics of Accounting, Law, and Liability
  • Friday, December 20
  • Webinar
David Osburn

You must understand the businesses you serve to evaluate companies and protect your institution. To analyze financial statements and calculate risks, you need to comprehend the basics of accounting, business law, and lender liability.

Required ACH Audit: Top 10 Audit Findings and How to Avoid Them
  • On-demand
Chelsye Palomo, AAP, APRP

Learn the top ACH audit adverse findings, discuss the underlying ACH Rules requirements, and provide recommendations on how to avoid them in your organization.

Managing Incentive-based Compensation Risks: Methods for Conducting Risk Reviews
  • On-demand
Gary Deutsch

Learn how to develop risk management, internal audit functions, and a comprehensive risk review process to ensure that incentive-based compensation programs do not create excessive safety and soundness risks

Reg CC Changes: Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks
  • On-demand
Wanda Downs

Review the changes implemented by this latest FRB amendment to Reg CC and what this means for your institution in its operations, policies, and procedures as well as what you need to know to stay in compliance and minimize financial losses.

Required Stress Testing for Community Bank Commercial Loan Portfolios
  • On-demand
David Etter

Learn the cost effective approach to meeting regulatory requirements and practical issues for required stress testing for community banks.

Cybersecurity and Privacy for Financial Institutions: Laws, Regulations and Best Practices
  • On-demand
Daniel Cotter

Learn what financial institutions need to understand about the constantly evolving areas of cybersecurity and privacy law as it applies to them, their practices and their customers.

Training New and Existing ACH Originators
  • On-demand
John Cogdill, AAP

An informative session on how to effectively train your new and existing ACH originators.

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